“To All A Good Light”

Robb Report took a moment to highlight why cigar smokers should be “especially joyous”. Noting that not since the 90′s “has such an abundance of hand-rolled riches been laid before them“. Featured on this years list of recommendations was the Regius Black Label cigar line.

Most Nicaraguan cigars are positioned as alternatives to Havanas, which remain illegal in the United States. But the Nicaraguan-made Regius, which premiered in London, competes directly against its Cuban counterparts. Acclaimed by some of London’s top tobacconists—among them J. J. Fox and Sautter’s—this cigar has come to the States. With elegant packaging that befits its regal name, the Regius has a rich Cubanesque flavor and comes in four sizes.

Thank you Robb Report for including us in “this season’s extraordinary smokes“.

Read all about it HERE.

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